Company culture
?????? Founded date--Hangzhou Meisda founded on September 30th,2003; Zhejiang Meisda founded on September 18th.2007, Factory is located in Xiaofeng town, Anji city, Zhejiang province, Sales department is in Hangzhou.
?????? Production capacity--The factory area 37000m squared, with an annual production capacity of 300000 units.
?????? Product orientation--Professional producing various size and types of cooling, freezing, heating beverage display cabinet, providing the most suitable promotion display equipment for all beverage factories.
?????? Certificate--we have ISO 9001, CCC、CE、SAA、ROHS、ETL、NSF, DOE,PSE、Inmetro, Smeta etc all kinds of certificate to match different countries requirement, we also passed Social responsibility inspection.
?????? Mission-- Our mission is to make food and beverage more easily to be stored and taken out, to keep fresh and deliciously, our products have been well-known by more than 30 famous enterprises inside and outside China.
?????? Idea--Adhering to the idea of what you need, what we do, we will treat carefully with your any expectation.
?????? Personalized customization-- Always dedicating to the development and production of personalized commercial display coolers. We can customize the product which you need once quantity over than 1000pcs.
? ? ?
Small batch production--Even though order qty is less than 50pcs, you are also our respected customer. ?????

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